Yew Bow
Yew Bow
Item type Production
Description The Yew Bow is a vital tool for the protection of crops, allowing them to grow safely. Increases food production by 25% for 24 hours.
WoLCash Cost 8

Yew Bows are production items which are used to boost food production at croplands. This item increases food production by 25% for 24 hours. This item may be obtained by invading wildlands, and from treasure boxes (such as Boxes of Bliss and Lockboxes). They may also be bought from the store. This shows up as the effect "sowing" in the Reward Use Information panel.

For an enhanced version of item, see Jade Bow.


Yew Bows are moderatly common items from lake invades, and they are quite common in explorations of lakes. The lake must be at least level 4 to drop a yew bow, and the item becomes more and more common the higher the lake's level. Yew Bows do not drop from the Special Paradise.