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Yang Jian
Yang Jian
Gender Male
Order Warrior
Title True Sage Qing Yuan Miao Dao
Ability 45
FengShen Tower Talent 9-turn swirling (Attack power is increased by 10%, and physical defense is increased by 5%)

Base Life 400
Base Mana 280
Obtained at Level

Base CA 160
Base MA 139
Base Def. 102
Base Crg. 29
Base Mag. 20
Base Strt. 15

Legend type Task
Unlock task 7 legends
Unlock item Jian Token

Yang Jian is a famous warrior with 45 ability points. He is leader of the Troops of Heaven and guardian of the nation's borders. He has a third eye on his forehead that is "truth seeing".

In Fengshen Tower, Yang Jian enjoys a +10% bonus to attack and 5% percent to defence. He has four exclusive artefacts: Long Saber,Three-pronged Staff Spear,Holy Dog-and-Xiaotian Dog (item).

Leg. Info DescriptionEdit

A demigod of immense strength and immesurable power, he can spread seeds and turn them into soldiers. He is a master of 73 different types of transformation.


In ancient Chinese Mythology, Yang Jian (or Erlang Shen) is a god who assisted the Zhou Dynasty in defeating the Shang Dynasty. In the novel Fengshen Yanyi, Erlang Shen is the nephew of the Jade Emperor (the ruler of Heaven), and helped the Zhou defeat the Shang.

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