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WoLCash (formerly called JCredits) are a form of currency in War of Legends which can be purchased for real-life money. WoLCash can be spent on items to reduce the time spent in-game trying to obtain the items[1].

There is much debate among the community as to the extent of which WoLCash are relied on in the game and the fairness of such. Some think that certain items should be free, such as labour bills and horns, and that it is unfair to charge them, accusing Jagex of forcing people to pay to play the game. However, currently, no one is required to purchase any item or items using WoLCash to continue playing.


WoLCash Bonus pack Price in USD Transactions required to buy 1,000 WoLCash Price for 1,000 WoLCash (multiple transactions)
18 Bonus A $2.00 56 $112
100 Bonus B $9.95 10 $99.50
200 Bonus C $19.95 5 $99.75
500 Bonus D $49.95 2 $99.90
1,000 Bonus E $99.95 1 $99.95

Based on the above table, it appears economical to buy the 100-WoLCash packs instead of buying more WolCash in a single transaction.


In early 2009, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard referred to micro-transactions as a "stealth tax"[2] called it "death by a thousand cuts"[2] and said that "it devalues the product"[2]. In spite of the previous stance against micro-transactions, less than a year later, Jagex publishes War of Legends with that same type of system. Established RuneScape fansite Tip.It has released an article about micro-transactions in a Jagex product being extremely hypocritical[3] and made a strong comparison between WoLCash and real world trading[3], saying that it "give players a clear advantage that is only limited to the size of their wallets"[3]. Jagex further reinforces this fact in their own FAQ saying, "... and they [WoLCash] are available in a variety of amounts to suit your wallet."[4]

Double, Triple and Quadruple  WoLCash[]

Jagex regularly adds a shop offer that will double, triple, or Quadruple WoLCash purchases. These special events happen frequently, with many offers being on weekends, or during or around special holidays. Quintuple top-up(times five WoL cash) Has occured being on the christmas eve of 2012.