War of Legends
Developer Ultizen
Publisher Jagex Ltd.
Release dates 19 January 2010
Genre Strategy MMO
Mode Multiplayer
Platforms Flash
Media Web interface
Input Keyboard, mouse

War of Legends is a free multiplayer strategy game published by Jagex Games Studio. The game takes place in ancient mythical China[1]. The gameplay is centred on building and commanding a kingdom.

Although Jagex publishes War of Legends, they are not the developer.[2] Jagex has worked with Ultizen before (on Runescape HD) and they are situated in Shanghai.[3] [4] War of Legends is live since 19 January 2010, on the official website. A Chinese version existed before Jagex published the English version.

The game is free-to-play but also includes micro-transactions. [5] It also has regular updates similar to RuneScape. Players can log into War of Legends through their Jagex username and password, and are able to log into War of Legends and RuneScape simultaneously.

There are aggressive non-player characters that are a part of Player-vs-Environment gameplay. War of Legends is a graphics based MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), incorporating a mixture of 3D isometric and 2D content. The game is played in real time, rather than turn based, and the gameplay is based around controlling and running a whole kingdom rather than focusing on one character.

War of Legends is set in a Player vs. Player environment. Jagex has stated that although it is not essential to compete with other players, a 'solid defence' is needed in order to build a kingdom. It is possible to be attacked while not logged into the game, a feature that is also present in their FunOrb game 'Dungeon Assault', although Jagex have said that War of Legends is totally different and separate.


The book Fengshen Yanyi has had a large influence on War of Legends' background and plot. Fengshen Yanyi is a Chinese epic fantasy novel written in the Ming Dynasty, and covers stories of the Shang and Zhou dynasty


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