Vouchers are a form of currency used in War of Legends, and may be used to buy certain items for free. Vouchers can be used in place of WoLCash, another form of currency which may be purchased by players using real world money. It can be obtained mainly by getting new positions, but is not at all very useful, as it can only be used on a selected few items.

Spending VouchersEdit

Unlike WoLCash, vouchers are not affected by offers in the shop, however they are affected by the member's discounts from Fuxi Tkn., Pangu Tkn., and Nuwa Tkn. Also, not all items in the shop can be bought using vouchers. Here is a list of items that can be bought:







  • None

Obtaining vouchersEdit

Currently, the only known method to gain more vouchers is to complete these tasks:

Novice tasks

Note: The Novice Vouchers tasks has been removed. Some think it is a bug.

Growth tasks


  • If an enslaved city uses a Liberation, the player who enslaved the city will gain 3 vouchers.

Known bugsEdit

The present version of this game prevents players to buy weekly offer items at their discounted price. Instead, the regular prices will be charged.