This article is about an Acceleration item called Sketches. For the Production item, see Adv. Sketch.
Item type Accelerate
Description These fragmentary sketches give an insight into the building process, and will reduce the duration of one building task by 15 minutes.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Sketches are Acceleration items which can be used to decrease the duration of one construction task (either upgrade or downgrade) by 15 minutes. If the task has less than 15 minutes to complete, the item may still be used. However, it is not advisable to do, as the remaining time from the item is wasted.

This item may be found invading wildlands, or can be bought from the shop for 3 WoLCash.

If not bought directly from the shop and bought when upgrading the building you will still pay 5 WoLCash.

It can also be bought via Voucher Points.