Gender Female
Order Monk
Title Mother of Humanity
Ability 60
FengShen Tower Talent None

Base Life 5230
Base Mana 5740
Obtained at Level 1 (English version - from Nuwa Token)

Base CA 190
Base MA 550
Base Def. 160
Base Crg. 30
Base Mag. 110
Base Strt. 40

Legend type Treasure

Nuwa (or Nüwa) is a famous legend and is the master of the Evil Fox Spirit, the Pipa Spirit, and the Pheasant Spirit.

When obtained from level 10 special paradise, Nuwa starts at level 100 with 6 Potential points for every level, having 594 Potential points in total on CWOL version. In the English version , Nuwa starts on level 1, with stats as per the Box to the right.

Nuwa is more commly though obtained by using the Treasure Item - Nuwa Token. (Not to be confused with the Aid Item - Nuwa Tkn..)

Her unique mount is Mythical Tortoise

Her special artefact is Terrain Map


In ancient Chinese mythology, Nüwa is a goddess best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. She appears in the novel Fengshen Yanyi as the daughter of the Jade Emperor (the ruler of Heaven). She is also known as the snake goddess because her upper torso is a woman while her lower torso is a snake in Chinese mythology.

In the novel, King Zhou visits the temple of Nüwa and is totally overcome with lust by the sight of the beautiful goddess. He writes a poem that humiliates the goddess on the temple's wall. Upon seeing this, Nuwa becomes so angry at the King Zhou's words that she swears King Zhou should be the last emperor of the Shang Dynasty. Therefore, she orders the Evil Fox Spirit (Daji), the Pipa Spirit, and the Pheasant Spirit to bring Shang Dynasty to an end. These three spirits, however, do not follow her directions precisely. They kill many just ministers along the way, which angers Nuwa. At the end, Nuwa helps Yang Jian, Lei Zhenzi, and Wei Hu to capture the three spirits. Jiang Ziya then orders them to be executed.

Nuwa stats
Nuwa as obtained from the Nuwa Token.

A statue of Nuwa marking the entrance to Buzhou Mountain, a mountain featured in Chinese legend

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