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This article is about the legend. For an item called Nezha, see Nezha (item).
Gender Male
Order Warrior
Title God Santanhuihai
Ability 45
FengShen Tower Talent Superman (Attack power is increased by 10%)

Base Life 390
Base Mana 260
Obtained at Level 1 (from Nezha Tkn.)

Base CA 160
Base MA 130
Base Def. 112
Base Crg. 30
Base Mag. 20
Base Strt. 10

Legend type Task
Unlock task Nezha's soul (task)
Unlock item Nezha Tkn.

Nezha is a famous warrior known as the Conqueror of the Seas. He holds a golden chakram in his hand and wears a red damask around his shoulder. Nezha has 45 ability points, and is first encountered in the Legends task Nezha's Story.

Nezha is one of the few legends with 45 ability points in this version of the game.

In Fengshen tower Nezha has a 10% attack bonus.

He has two exclusive artefacts: Flame Wheel and Fire Wheels.

He has an exclusive mount Bluebird Fire.


In Taoist (Daoist) mythology, Nezha is male deity of tricks, or possibly pranks and jokes. He is considered very mischievous, and there was a point in of time China when he was worshipped as the god of lotteries and gambling.

Nezha was a disciple of the Taiyi Sage (Taiyi Zhenren/ Taibai Jingxing), and he appears in many famous Chinese stories, such as Fengshen Yanyi (translated as The Investiture of the Gods), and Xi You Ji (Journey to the West), although Nezha Nao Hai (Nezha Stirs up the Seas) is by far the most famous story in Chinese Households. He has two older brothers, Jinzha (the eldest) and Muzha (the second-eldest). According to Fengshen Yanyi and Nezha Nao Hai (Nezha Nao Hai is a story adapted from Fengshen Yanyi, Chapter 12) Nezha was born in the Shang Dynasty at Chentang Guan (Pass) to Li Jing and his wife, Madame Yin.


To obtain this legend, the following items are needed:

All of the items needed above, that drop from Special Paradises only drop from Level 4 Special Paradises.

He can also be obtained from either choosing Buzhou Mountain's Legend Based Training and get him on Floor 7 or his token may also drop from The Great Battlefield

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