Labour Bill
Labour Bill
Item type Aid
Description Levies a work force from the population, allowing 5 buildings to be constructed at one. This effect lasts for 3 days.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Labour Bills are Aid items which allows 5 buildings to be constructed simultaneously, compared to the usual two. This item increases the number of workers (see Population) working on building construction. The effect of these bills last for 3 days, upon which the number of build teams reduces to two.

This item is awarded upon the completion of the Novice task Overtime. This item can be occasionally found by invading wildlands, and can be bought from the shop.

It is reccommended you use your first Labour Bill as soon as you have a resonable amount of resources. This will get your empire off the ground much faster than usual.

Labour bills are stackable and using two bills at once will extend the effect to 6 days. However, it is not advisable to stack the effect of labour bills. The optimal strategy would be to wait until all (or most) of the buildings are almost complete, and then use another bill to continue working with 5 build teams. The timer on the labour bill works in such a way that it will be in effect until the last building is completed. If multiple buildings are still being constructed when another bill is used, players end up losing time on the second bill as the timer on the second bill has already been started, and both timers are now running concurrently. JaGeX has made a pun on labour bills the saying "Legacy stole my labour bill" is a pun that was amassed from the complaints on the threads of War of Legends.

Battle for StrongholdEdit

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This item can be exchanged with 100 Honour points. Honour points are rewarded for donations made to the alliance. Note that this item can be only be exchanged once per day.