King Zhou
King Zhou
Gender Male
Order Unknown
Title Unknown
Ability Unknown
FengShen Tower Talent Unknown

Base Life Unknown
Base Mana Unknown
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA Unknown
Base MA Unknown
Base Def. Unknown
Base Crg. Unknown
Base Mag. Unknown
Base Strt. Unknown

Legend type Unknown

King Zhou is a famous legend and is the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty.


King Zhou is based upon the real life person King Zhou of Shang, also known as Emperor Xin of Shang, the last king of the Shang Dynasty. He ruled for 29 years from years 1075 BC to 1046 BC. He was noted for his intelligence and quick wit, and it is claimed that he could hunt wild animals with just his bare hands.

His ultimate reputation concerns his relationship with Daji. She eventually became his concubine due to her incredible beauty that captivated this king. It was from her influence, however, that he became corrupted and acquired the name Zhou (周) which can be interpreted as that part of the saddle or harness most likely to be soiled by the horse.


Zhou is one of the main subjects of Fengshen Yanyi, an ancient Chinese novel.

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