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This article is about the legend. For an item, see H. Feihu (item).
Huang Feihu
Huang Feihu
Gender Male
Order Warrior
Title Tian Qi Ren Sheng Emperor
Ability 40
FengShen Tower Talent Dr Huang's gur...? (Attack power is increased by 5%, and physical defense strength is increased by 3%)

Base Life 450
Base Mana 155
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 175
Base MA 100
Base Def. 119
Base Crg. 30
Base Mag. 5
Base Strt. 25

Legend type Task
Unlock task March to Kunlur
Unlock item Feihu Token

Huang Feihu is a famous warrior and is a general in Shang Dynasty. He has 40 ability points, and is first encountered in the Legends task Migration. The Holy Eye artefact is exclusive to Huang Feihu.

He can be found on floor 12 of a Special Paradise but cannot be captured this way.


Malikaye's Huang Feihu

A level 96 Huang Feihu

Huang Feihu is a major character in the famed ancient Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi. He is the son of Huang Gun, and is renowned as the highest ranked general of the entire Shang Dynasty.

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