Item type Task
Description One of these allows you to speak in the world channel. You may spend two of these to send group mail to your alliance.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Horns were Aid items which allowed players to speak in the World chat. Every message sent on the World chat used up one horn. Horns were likely introduced to prevent flooding the World chat. This move caused much anger among players as players were unaccustomed to this method of chatting. After update 1.5.1 this was changed and talking on World chat became free. However, the text displayed when you login still says you need a Horn to speak in world chat. Horns are now Task items and need for several horn tasks in the Destiny task list

Horns can be bought from the shop, gained in battle invading wildlands, found in Boxes of Bliss, or obtained from the Alliance task Call to arms each time by donating 30,000 gold to the alliance. Fuxi Tkn's , Pangu Tkn's or Nuwa Tkn's can be used to chat freely on the World chat while these items last.

While chatting in an Alliance chat is completely free, sending mail to all members (group mail) requires two horns.


This item can be obtained by completing the following tasks:

Novice tasks

Legends tasks

Legends tasks

Alliance tasks

Horns can be exchanged for rewards using the following Destiny tasks:

Task # Horns Rewards
Horns 1 10  Gold Bead x5
Horns 2 30  Sketch
Horns 3 60  Letters x2
Horns 4 120  Diagram and Voucher x20
Horns 5 500  Wooden Chest and Edict x2
Horns 6 999  Silver Chest and Solution