NO. 88 in the Legend Info list.

Gender Female
Order Seer
Title Thousand-Year Fox Spirit
Ability 42
FengShen Tower Talent Charm (Probability of triggered avoidance skill is increased by 10%)

Base Life 720
Base Mana 860
Obtained at Level 45

Base CA 200
Base MA 290
Base Def. 110
Base Crg. 30
Base Mag. 40
Base Strt. 50

Legend type Famous

Daji is a famous seer with 42 ability points obtained by using a Daji Token.

Daji has 2 exclusive artifacts: Fairy Hands and The Mask. A bug in the game makes the task for the mask never appear - so its not obtainable.


Daji became a concubine during the Shang Dynasty after King Zhou claimed her as a prize from conquering Yousun in the year 1047 BC. King Zhou, extremely obsessed and infatuated with Daji, neglected state affairs in order to keep her happy. Daji was extremely fond of tormenting people and physical torture. She had used various methods of torture in order to satisfy her curiosity.

Daji was executed on the orders Jiang Ziya after the fall of Shang Dynasty.


In Fengshen Yanyi, Goddess Nuwa ordered the Evil Fox Spirit, the Pipa Spirit, and the Pheasant Spirit to bring chaos to the Shang Dynasty. In order to get close to King Zhou, the Evil Fox Spirit killed a beauty named Daji. The Evil Fox then transfromed its body into Daji's without anyone noticing. She has successfully brought chaso to the dynasty, yet she also killed a lot of just ministers, which is not Goddess Nuwa's initial intention. At the end of the story, she was punished for her wrongdoing.

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