Central Steppes
Central Steppes
Terrain Plain

Flatlands 3,571
Famous cities 7

Relative position
Central Steppes

Central Steppes (also known as Central Steppe) is a plain region in War of Legends. This region has 3,571 flatlands, 7 famous cities, and 3 strongholds.

Famous citiesEdit

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The following are famous cities located within this region:

  • Liuhe County (266,319)
  • Tianfeng County (269,218)
  • Fengyun County (284,311)
  • Xuandu County (288,250)
  • Baishi County (322,268)
  • Huagai County (368,283)
  • Hualai County (371,250)


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The following are strongholds located within this region:

  • Cloud Pass (267,297)
  • Tongguan Pass (298,266)
  • Lintong Pass (309,206)

Legends from strongholdsEdit

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Wu Ji

Once an alliance controls all three strongholds in this region (see Strongholds), the famous legend Wu Ji may be found in a player's legend sanctuary provided that the player's city is located in the region.